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ONT : $0.0409
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LTC : $62.3700
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BNB : $19.3728
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BTC : $8881.6842
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EOS : $3.0631

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    Daily Cryptocurrency Research

    Artificial Intelligence reduces human errors, and can understand far more data then humans can in a non bias way.

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    Trade the Crypto Markets Smarter

    Successful crypto traders understand research, planning and having actionable insights. Increase profit by taking gains when you hit your targets and reduce loss by always have a stop loss %.

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    IMCOINAI Mentor's

    Specializing in helping other traders achieve specific goals and overcome bad trading habits because we see what others cant.


The information provided by is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal or financial advice. Your use of the information on this website is at your own risk.
ImCoinAI is the first of its kind serving to provide traders with a set of tools to assist in trading crypto currencies. By becoming a member you have a seat at the table to request and vote on the next set of tools to be developed with the purpose of being a better crypto trader.
100%... ImCoinAI aims to only amplify human intelligence by working around the clock. Ingesting and digesting market data at a rate that NO human can. Recognizing patterns and trends before the human eye will. The tools and resources were developed so that every day folks can strategize as the most disciplined season traders.
Loses are part of trading in any market. You must be prepared for losses. What's important to understand is your trade plan. What are you willing to risk to gain? What kind of trader are you? Are you day trading, swing trade or ? Have realistic expectations and work with your knowledge and the ImCoinAI brain.
We are currently in Beta to work out some backend items but join the waiting list here and as soon as seats at the table are open you will know.

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ImCoinAI Reel will feature live talks about crypto business and success, new cryptocurrencies, and trading EDU will launch around winter 2019.
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