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ImCoinAI is all about using artificial intelligence to ingest large sums of data, see patterns 100x faster then we humans can and help us make better decisions when trading crypto currency.

The Birth:

The story begins with the excitement of a merged revolution which has institutions worried. One disrupts the disgraced financial institution and the other a dreadful education system. We now have the tools needed to develop artificial intelligence that gives you super powers but one must still understand how to use it to your own benefit to prosper. So we create tools for crypto currency to give you an edge.

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Forge partnerships

Cryptocurrency was developed out of necessity while development in AI will bring us to a new age. We seek partners and not hourly slaves. As a partner you work to get the task done not to ride the clock. There are no salaries, this is a labor of love. But when there is an income stream the profits will be split amongst our team. We need:


The Plan

As a service we will provide trading education series, a mentorship service and editable signals users can choose to receive when they want based on a criteria they seem fit.
Edu series will have videos, task and quizzes and Q&A periods with experts in the realm of crypto.
Fail in crypto because of lack of understanding data, we wont allow you to fall victim.
Analyst sleep and get lazy our AI doesn't, it keeps improving with the more data it gets.

work less, enjoy life.

Our culture is driven, reliable, idealistic, synergistic and analytical.
We follow a core system of: Consistency, Optimism, Respect, Authenticity
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